Marco’s EU army dream dashed after the NATO boss stated, “the EU cannot defend Europe” without help from NATO’s friends.

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Macrons dream of an EU army is in tatters after NATO’s Boss Jens Stoltenberg said, “The EU can not defend Europe” without NATO.

In his full statement, the NATO chief said: “I don’t believe in Europe alone.

“I don’t believe in North America alone.

“I believe in North America and Europe together in strategic solidarity in NATO.

“Because I don’t believe that any country or any continent alone can manage the security challenges we face today.”

“More than 90 percent of the people in the European Union, they live in a NATO country.

“But only 20 percent of NATO’s defence spending comes from NATO EU members.

“But most importantly, this is about politics because any attempt to weaken the link, to divide Europe and North America, will not only weaken NATO, it will divide Europe.”

“I support EU efforts on defence, because more defence spending, new military capabilities and addressing the fragmentation of the European defence industry – all of that will be good for European security, for transatlantic security, for all of us.

“So all these efforts – as long as they complement NATO – we welcome them, but the EU cannot defend Europe.”