Lord Adonis Lashes out at Starmers Brexit stance saying “the country has started ignoring Labour.”

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Lord Adonis is still found to be bitter and twisted over leaving the EU and with this he launched a scathing social media attack on the Labour leader.

Adonis has said that Labour are being ignored due to their “radio silence” on Brexit and because of it, support for Labour has plummeted since Starmer took over as leader.

Adonis stuck his boot into Starmer as he lashed out on Twitter, saying: “It hasn’t done the Labour leadership much good trying to ignore Brexit, one of the biggest things happening to country, has it?

“In reply the country has started ignoring Labour.”

With the left now attacking its own, are we seeing the collapse of the Labour Party?

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Labour is being ignored because of people like Adonis can’t let go of his remain stance. Good, keep up the good work Labour with a bit of luck you will disappear all together.