No plan, only rhetoric. Lisa Nandy struggles to explain what Labour wants.

Once again, when Labour is asked about what they would do to honour the NHS pay increase, Labour is without a plan.

Labours Shadow foreign Secretary Lisa Nandy was asked multiple times about what Labours want to see from the government. Lisa eventually said they wanted the government to give the NHS workers a 2% increase rather than the current 1%

Throughout the interview, Lisa never spoke about Labours plan. Only attacking the Conservatives seemed to be their aim.

Once again, this is most frustrating to see a so-called opposition being so quiet about their alternative plan to the current budget.

In times gone by, the opposition would have their alternative budget at hand, ready to offer people an alternative to the voters just before an election.

So far, all we are given is waffle and whining, hoping their inadequate stance of attacking the opposition in a pandemic wins votes.

Recent reports say Labour are collapsing every day in the polls. Last week it was reported by YouGov that Labour is 13% behind the Tories in the polls. You would think that a change of tac might be needed, but no, Labour ploughs on destroying themselves.

People can see straight through their argumentative narrative. It’s not working, and I see Labour paying the ultimate price of a massive loss of seats in the coming May elections.