Doctor pushing NHS Pay increase found to be a Marxist supporting Corbyn activist. Is it about pay or the coming election? pushing pay increase found to be a Corbyn activist and Participant in Marxist events. Is this about the pay or the coming election?

With the left making a political football out of the NHS, yesterday we did a little bit of investigating into a specific lady after she appeared on multiple news outlets demanding the Tories to increase pay for NHS workers.

After seeing this, the first question that came to mind was, why the sudden push from this lady? Did the left wheel her out to go after the Tories?

On TalkRADIO yesterday, a lady called Alia Butt, who is Chair of NHS Staff Voices and Psychotherapists, appeared on the show demanding the Tories respected the NHS staff by giving them an increase in wages.

Though this lady gave the name of an NHS group she chairs as a diversion, she forgot to mention her political allegiances to Corbyn and Pro Marxist events.

As we said yesterday, the left is using the NHS’s good people as a political weapon to hit the Tories around the head. This is only happening after it was found the Labour Party was 13% down in the latest YouGov polls and losing ground by the day.

With so many Labour activists/supporters being wheeled out dressed as doctors to go after the Tories for political gain, we certainly need to investigate more of these so-called bipartisan activists that are said to only be doing things for the good of the NHS.