Starmers Labour Party TANK in the polls.


It’s unbelievable how badly the Labour Party are doing in the polls on the run-up to a big local election.

In the recent polls by YouGove, the Labour Party are down a whopping 13%, and that’s during a pandemic.

The Labour Party have taken their base for granted, and they always seem to pander to the champagne socialists rather than the majority of hard-working Britains.

Can Captain hindsight pull it back? Our prediction is Starmer is going to lose significantly, and he is already bracing for impact.

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From everything I have read, here in Australia, Starmer taking a nose dive in the polls can only be described as “richly deserved”. He is a miserable excuse for a human being. Nothing more than a Champagne Socialist. It is no wonder that the traditional voting base for Labour are so disenfranchised. The founders of the Party will be turning in their graves. 😡


Good. They are now in an effort to improve their ratings, using a greedy union lead, NHS pay rise. If it was not for the left wing unions there would not be a Labour Party voter.