Sadiq urges the government to use taxpayers money to promote postal voting in London.

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Sadiq Khan has said he wants the taxpayer to foot the bill for an awareness campaign promoting postal voting in the coming mayoral election.

Sadiq Khan wrote a demanding letter to the Constitution Minister saying: “I am still concerned at the potential for low voter turnout, given the circumstances under which the elections will be held,”

“We know that the virus disproportionately affects Bame people, as well as older and vulnerable people, and we must ensure that they are similarly not disproportionately affected when it comes to being able to cast their vote.

“I welcome the government’s move to make it easier to vote by proxy and the publication of the Election Delivery Plan, but I urge you to go further.

“I am therefore calling on you to launch a widespread public awareness campaign on postal vote registration [and] make further funding available to local authorities to send postal vote registration forms to every household.”

In the independent Sadiq Khan said: “This is not a party political issue, rather it would maximise participation in our democracy.

“I am concerned that unless messages about the options available to vote in the elections are conveyed widely, through a government-backed campaign, and not just in London, but other regions too where elections are being held, there is a very real chance that the voting inequalities that already exist in our society will be further exacerbated in May’s elections.”

What is it with the left’s fascination with pushing the postal vote?

If people can go to the supermarket for shopping surrounded by hundreds of people, they can go to a polling booth to cast their vote.