Boris Johnson and David Frost stand steadfast against the EU after they threaten to sue the UK.

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The EU has thrown its toys out of the Pram, threatening to sue the UK after the UK refused to adhere to EU treaty rules for Northern Ireland.

One MEP has kicked off because the man sticking up for the United Kingdom is Lord David Frost, who is hated and feared in the EU because of his supposedly blunt and confrontational manner.

Dutch MEP Christophe Hansen kicked off saying: “If this is David Frost’s idea of showing that he’s back to his old games, he should be mindful of the fact that the EU Parliament has not yet ratified the TCA yet and that the full implementation of the Withdrawal Agreement and its protocol is and remains a red line.”

As confirmed above, the EU MEP demands the UK to adhere to every sentence in the treaty, yet the EU hasn’t even signed off on the agreed future relationship agreement.

Boris Johnson also stood steadfast, saying: “We are taking some temporary and technical measures to ensure that there are no barriers in the Irish Sea, to make sure things flow freely between GB and NI, and that’s what you would expect.

“Obviously, these are matters for continuing intensive discussions with our friends. I’m sure with a bit of goodwill and common sense all these technical problems are eminently solvable.”

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The EU break agreements all the time. Fishing, exporting illegal migrants and vaccines. Carry on Mr Frost. Good show Boris.


tear up the eu proposals and just walk away do not tell them anything just walk away

Frederick Haines

Infamous word Standfast ๐Ÿ’“ it and that is what we will do !. We are standing with our Prime Minister and Lord Frost.