BRITANNIA LIVE – Moaning Labour MP Lammy attacks Rishi Sunaks budget without an alternative plan.

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Yet again, Labour goes on to the attack for attacking sake. David Lammy criticised Rishi Sunaks budget plan that was revealed yesterday.

On Twitter, Labour MP David Lammy said: “Rishi Sunak in #Budget2021 is acting like he’s doing a victory lap.”

“But as Chancellor in this pandemic, he’s delivered the worst economic crisis of any major economy.”

“The public is paying the price for the government’s repeated mistakes.”

David Lammy seems to be having another convenient memory lapse as his party leader also agreed with Boris Johnson’s actions over the pandemic period.

If it wants for Sunaks quick actions on helping businesses, many more companies would have gone under.

All Labour offer is moaning criticism without a plan themselves.

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Another useless comment from A Labourite