BRILLIANT – Adam Boulton destroys Sadiq Khan’s plan to win back his seat.

Sadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan is at it again. He’s saying anything to try and get a bit of spotlight. The London Mayor has even offered a plan that won’t work as he doesn’t have the budget to do what he is promising. It’s all waffle without the syrup.

Sadiq’s latest plan is to do “a rallying call for a 1945 style programme” and stand up for those who lost their jobs in London. Under Sadiq Khan’s mayorship, TFL is on its backside, costs to ride on public transport has skyrocketed, and people are dying daily due to skyrocketing Knife and Gun Crime.

Sadiq is even pushing to take down historical monuments around London through his very own woke monument toppling committee.

I don’t know about you, but can London afford another term under Sadiq Khan?

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The only thing that Sadie Khan deserves is a lead projectile between the eyes. He is a total disgrace to the office of the Mayor of London.