Sturgeons attempted blame game fails.

Nicola Sturgeon was just an hour into her quizzing by the Parliamentary Harassment Committee before she attempted to palm blame onto the committee itself.

Sturgeon claimed that it was the committee’s fault that it took two years for sturgeon to appear before the panel to give evidence.

Sturgeons statement was quite rightly rebuked right away by a fellow committee member who said we also share your frustrations as it was down to your government withholding information that held up this enquiry.

So far, Sturgeon hasn’t given clear answers to the questions asked. Instead, she’s been stuttering and waffling, continually insinuating it’s nothing to do with me.

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Lets hope this her pack your bags and sling your hook moment. The UK will be better without her hatred of Great Britishness. She should be made to pay back the court bill.


It’s time to get her out she is doing a lot of damage to united Kingdom 🇬🇧