“One rule for thee, not for me.” Labour Mayor caught out with his mates after leisurely photo op backfires

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Another case of “one rule for thee and not for me” has come to light. The Labour Mayor of Enfield bragged on Twitter that he was out with two other councillors on a bike ride getting exercise, which is a breach of current rules. 

In his area, the Labour Party has been forthright with the residents telling them to stay in and save the NHS. Enfield Labour-run council even had Covid marshals on the prowl fining people if rules were broken.

The Labour Mayor wasn’t ready for a resident whipping out his phone and filming him with his mates, breaking current Lockdown rules enjoying a drink outside Costa Coffee. The Mayor didn’t know what to do with himself as he then quickly puts on his mask, trying to take cover.

One comment on Twitter read: “The law is clear, at present you may cycle with one person not from your own household, here we see you with at least three people unless you live with two of them you have broken the law, checking cycle lanes is not mitigation.”

Another wrote: “Why didn’t you put the picture up of you have coffee with all your mates.”

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