PODCAST – The SNP cover up continues…

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Tory MSP Murdo Fraser slams SNP First Deputy Minister of Scotland John’s Swinney over documents the SNP for months have tried to hide and cover-up. The MSP asked whether the cover-up will continue or will he finally release the relevant documents due to his job being on the line.

No nonsense Murder Fraser said we’ve been waiting for these documents to be released for “months” and “only now at the very last moment when a metaphorical gun is held to the head of the Deputy First Minister, and he’s threatened with a vote of no confidence do they finally agreed to release some legal advice at the very last possible moment.”

Mr Fraser continues: “Last night, Mr Salmonds Lawyers told us the material the Scottish Government were proposing to release was in their words highly selective and based on what will cause the least embarrassment to the Government.”

“So can the deputy First minister assure us that the request from the committee for publication of all relevant documents will be met? or will he continue to cover up the truth?”

The Scottish First Minister returned by saying the Tory MSP shouldn’t have used the term gun to the head and said he’d have to wait till 5 pm tonight to see what information is released.

This isn’t playing out well in Scotland nor the rest of the UK. Every hold-up and every deceitful manoeuvre that the SNP is playing shows they have something to hide.

It’s time to rid of the swamp in Scotland. What do you think