Labour want to “get us to a point where we feel ashamed to be British.” Tory MP lashes out at Sadiq Khan.

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Conservative MP lashed out at Sadiq Khan after the London mayor set up a statue toppling committee. Sadiq’s committee has one agenda: they are all politically cut from the same cloth, that is, to rewrite history and rid of British history and identity in the capital.

Conservative MP Tom Hunt didn’t hold back about Sadiq on talkRADIO. Mr Hunt said: “If you look at the people on Sadiq Khan’s panel, of course, there is a clear agenda there.

“They all come from one particular political persuasion. They are likely to be people calling for these statues to be pulled down.

“The whole thing is ludicrous. I think it’s probably incredibly embarrassing for Keir Starmer, who is trying to get the Labour Party to move on from this woke-craziness.

“I have an issue with not just taking down the statues but also the retain and explain model.”

“What are people hoping to achieve by all of this? What I think they want to achieve is to get us to a point where we feel ashamed to be British.

“They want to scour our history, however long ago it was, where anything we may have done is wrong, they want to blow it up and publicise it all.

“They want to find a million and one reasons why we should no longer be proud to be British. This is at the heart of the Labour Party.

“If you look at what the comments Lisa Nandy made, when she attacked Boris Johnson for wanting to defend the Winston Churchill statue in Parliament Square from protesters.

“This is intrinsic to the Labour Party.

“So, it’s not a surprise that Sadiq Khan, the most senior Labour politician in the country, is embarking on this agenda. We need to stand up to him.”

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