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Steve Bray, the man best known for annoying the nation with his “STOP BREXIT” bull horn ranting on news TV, has decided to label Mr Brexit Nigel Farage, a “plastic patriot”.

Steve, the very man who wraps himself in a non-country star-spangled flag, went on to say that Nigel was also a racist and xenophobic in this same social media post.

Steve Bray wrote on Twitter, “Nigel Farage tests positive for racism, xenophobia & plastic patriotism.”

We can only imagine that Steve’s small-minded comment was posted in an effort to gain a reaction from fellow remoaners. We guess Steve hopes that posting these baseless, sad comments on social media will gain people to turn up to his rallies across the country on the 23rd of June 2021.

Will the remoaning class ever accept and come to term that we have exited the EU, and as a country, we have no appetite to return.

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Steve’s tested positive as being a fucking idiot

Susan walsh-smith

Steve the prick….who’s funding you??, soros???


I can’t figure out why this Bray bloke wears that hat, because he is a total ASS HAT.


These people like the opposition parties in the House of Commons, they can only complain, never support.