PODCAST – Why the sudden push for postal voting from the left?

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With elections coming up and labours poll ratings dropping, it is desperate times for the left. Over the weekend, the Labour Party released a press release calling for people to vote from home by post-vote in the coming local elections, which is the biggest ever to take place outside of a general election.

Labour blamed Covid as the reason to push this policy. You can go to Tesco, where hundreds of people are all around you, yet Labour says you can’t go to the voting booth to cast your vote.

If that doesn’t send alarm bells ringing, I don’t know what will.

The big question is, why the sudden push for postal voting from the left? Can you trust that your postal vote will not be tampered with?

Listen to the post cast below, and don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments.

PODCAST – Why the sudden push by Labour to get you voting by post?

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Mr C Suri

All postal voting should banned except for overseas military postings.


Bearing in mind what is happening in the Scottish Parliament the “fishy” debacle, and the US debacle, politics is appalling. It would appear nobody can be held to account.


There is only one reason for Labour to want Postal Voting in Britain. The same reason that Australia’s Labor Party want it here. So that they can fiddle the system.

Steve Donnelly

The reason the left want postal votes is because it so easy to make thousands of fraudulent votes!