MP’s given £10’000 each from the taxpayers purse to kit out their home offices over the pandemic period.

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While so many go without and jobs lost, Labours Deputy leader Angelia Rayner decides to slap the taxpayer with a bill for £2,367 for top of the range Apple equipment, including brand new Apple AirPod Pros.

It seems Angela wasn’t the only one slapping the taxpayer with extortionate bills.

Reported in The Sun, all MP’s were given £10,000 from the taxpayer’s purse to spend on top of the range home office equipment over the pandemic period. That’s on top of their top wages, and other taxpayers funded perks.

John O’Connell, of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “No doubt all this spending will be ‘within the rules’.

“But MPs should be asking themselves if it was necessary when millions of Brits may face unemployment.”

The questions remains, is it really necessary for MPs to get such a high lump sum of money to spend on home office luxuries at a time of deep hardship for millions?

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Greedy, greedy Bar Stewards.


Proves you can’t trust any of them! The whole political system is corrupt. Time to change it all.



Michael Harford

MP’s were Given 2 x £10k work at home awards for Office Equipment !! They were Also Given 2 x £10k. Salary Increases April & May 2020 ! They were the Given a £50 Pension Award !!! Then The Were Given a £3,340. Salary Increase !! All in Boris’s First Year as PM !!! Like they had all been Let Loose in the Sweet Shop !!! Parliament has now Become the House of Avarice and Scandal !!! Our Parliamentarians are Taking the Water out of The Population !!! They are a pure waste of Oxygen !! When the poor and Pensioners are Starving and cannot pay their Bills All Mp’s and Peers are on a Massive JOLLY and Extravagant with Taxpayers Funds !!!! They are Truly Scandalous Thieves !!!!!