Migration Watch – Migrants arriving by small boat into Britain up 44% on this time last year.

Migration watch
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Migration Watch – Migrants arriving by small boats into Britain up 44% on this time last year.

With the UK out of the EU, the Home Secretary has a duty to secure Britains borders. So far this month, according to Migration Watch, we are 44% up on those coming to Britain by small boat from the same time last year.

Even though we are out of the EU, our borders remain very weak, and policies on returning those who come here illegally are shown not to be fit for purpose.

Though we have left the EU, it hasn’t slowed down the rate of those who are coming to Britain’s shores illegally.

According to Nigel Farage, yesterday, we had a boat holding 12 illegal migrants escorted into Britain waters by the French Navy. It was later found out that every one of them tested positive for COVID-19.

The big question is, who should be held responsible for this failure to secure borders? Is it Priti Patel or the current policies in place that seem to be tying her hands, restricting her options to secure the borders?

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June Sherburn

This sight is Disgusting, it makes me sick to see these illegal immigrants coming here, They seem to think they have a right to come here, they Don’t, Priti Patel should be sacked for allowing this to keep happening, We can’t even rely on BORIS JOHNSON to do the job he’s supposed to do, Boris get on with keeping British citizens Safe from these illegal immigrants, They are Illegals so why aren’t they being sent back to France. WE want to know why you are ignoring us, When it comes to the ELECTION, WE’LL BE IGNORING YOU.

susan thatcher

this is wrong the french are using us as a dumping ground and they stop us from sending goods over there we need to stop theirs from coming over here and start using our shipping again then we will see more of them coming over here and send them back again tit for tat i say

Ralph Graham

The only way to stop the illegals from crossing, is to drive them from the beach landing point straight to Dover, put them on the very next ferry back to France, they do not qualify as asylum seekers as they left from a safe country, they will tell others waiting to make the journey what will happen, and maybe sort out the people smugglers for a return of funds, WIN,WIN.

Ralph Graham

The French alone are to blame, for allowing them to gather in their thousands and form a shanty town known as the jungle, the French for allowing them to leave the beach in the first place, the French for escorting them into our waters, and the French be held responsible for any deaths, as it is France they are leaving from.