ARE OUR VOTES SECURE? You can go shopping surrounded by hundreds of people, yet Labour say due to COVID, you should vote from home by post?

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Labour is actively pushing the government to support a “vote from home by post” policy for the coming May elections. Labour said not doing so would be “undermining our democracy”.

Labour are doing their best to use COVID-19 as the reason for people to vote from home. But here’s a thought, you can visit a rammed packed Tesco’s to go shopping, yet Labour is saying people can’t go to a voting booth, with very few people in the room to cast a vote due to COVID fears?

In May, the coming election is the biggest ever set of elections outside of the general election, and Labour is massively down in the polls.

We all know that Labour does well on postal votes, but the question is, are postal votes secure from voter fraud?

The answer to that is no. We have seen many people from all mainstream parties being investigated and arrested for voter tampering – fraud to win seats. Recently we saw Former Labour councillor Asaf Afzal, from Derby being charged with tampering with postal votes in the 2019 election.

This case alone shows that postal votes are still a target for manipulation and fraud.

Angela Rayner MP, Labour’s Deputy Leader, tries to make her case for why people should be voting from home.

Angela Rayner MP said: “Yet again Ministers are burying their heads in the sand with voters set to go to the polls in the biggest set of elections we have ever seen outside of a General Election in just ten weeks’ time.

“The Government has had nearly a year to sort this out and protect our democracy, but Ministers have once again been too slow to act. With ten weeks to go, we are yet to see a proper plan from the government setting out how these elections will be run safely, while councils face shortages of electoral staff, lack of venues, and funding uncertainty.”

“The government’s failure to take any action to encourage people to sign up to vote safely from home risks creating a perfect storm of the disenfranchisement of millions of voters and potentially dangerous crowds at polling stations.

“It is clear that fairly stringent measures will still be in place in May, so it is completely inexplicable that the government is not taking urgent action to get people signed up to vote from home by post, hugely undermining their own public health messaging emphasising the ongoing threat of Covid and the need to proceed with caution in lifting restrictions in order to avoid a surge in infections, hospitalisations and infections and a devastating fourth national lockdown.”

Here’s the question, do you trust labours vote from home policy?  Do you think Labour are using Covid 19 as an excuse to manipulate the vote?

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The postal vote is too easily used to get block voting . The Asian community allow themselves to. E coheres to vote for a favoured candidate. Rather than the candidate they want to vote for . Also the ladies of the families have to do as there husband says and vote for who he wants
They do not have the freedom that we in a western democracy are entitled too


No postal votes. Wear gloves and mask and vote in person. The only reason Labour want postal votes is because they can be manipulated as this is only way they know they will get any seats. Postal votes = FRAUD

Paul Sheldon-Matthews

Postal Votes should only be for the Armed Forces. The Asians have brought with them corrupt practices which are common in India and Pakistan. Identity cards at the Ballot box and only in Person, otherwise Voting will be a Joke!