PODCAST – Redaction of evidence – SNP leadership failure – Cover up? – Question is who’s got the most to lose?

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Yesterday former leader of the SNP Alex Salmond took the hot seat in front of the Parliamentary Harassment Committee in Holyrood. There was one glaring problem with the whole event.

As Alex Salmond took the oath to speak his truth to what happened a few days before, Alex Salmond’s evidence was partly redacted by the Crown Office, meaning certain aspect of the given evidence was restricted and not allowed to be brought up in the committee hearing.

This redaction of evidence sparked a row between parliamentarians and the Scottish First Lady Nicola Sturgeon.

Parliamentarians asked, did the First Lady have a hand in this redaction of evidence after it was uncovered the redacted parts would have embarrassed Nicola Sturgeon just before the election. Nicola Sturgeon said, if you think I had a hand in this redaction, then you’re a conspiracy theorist.

The question this podcast asks is who has the most to lose out of this whole event? Is it not strange that the very evidence needed to be asked, is the same evidence redacted, meaning it can’t be spoken about?

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SNP Ding Dong – Cover up? – Who’s got the most to lose?

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Will Chapman

Clearly, without being able to consider the redacted evidence, no body (and nobody) can make a complete judgement. The case needs to be put before a higher body that can be trusted to consider un-redacted evidence.