Nigel Farage slams Priti Patel. Tell France to “Stop the practice of escorting illegal dinghies into British waters.”

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With waters being calm and weather getting warmer, migrant boats crossing the Channel have started to increase more than this time last year.

Today Nigel Farage dropped a bombshell exclusive on his YouTube channel. Nigel said that a boat of 12 illegal migrants was escorted into Britain’s waters by the French Navy. When the Border Force boat docked in Dover, all the illegal migrants accompanied into Britain’s waters by the French were tested for COVID 19. It was found that all 12 illegal migrants tested positive.

Nigel Farage didn’t hold as he then aimed his frustrations at Priti Patel, demanding the Home Secretary, whose job is to protect the UK to take some responsibility and defend Britain.

Nigel said Priti Patel should tell France to “Stop the practice of escorting illegal dinghies into British waters”, turn the boats around and send them back to France.

Before we left the EU in its entirety, the government told us that our borders along the Dover coastline would be secured once we took control of our waters. We were going to change laws and deport anyone who crossed the Channel entering Britain illegally but so far, that hasn’t happened.

Over the last few days, the Home Office said they would not be giving a running commentary on the state of negotiations between France and Britain regarding illegal migrants crossing the Channel.

What’re your thoughts on this? Has Priti done enough to stop this constant flood of illegals crossing the Channel into Britain?  

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11 thoughts on “Nigel Farage slams Priti Patel. Tell France to “Stop the practice of escorting illegal dinghies into British waters.”

  1. Yes we should deport the lot of em. We have to get the laws changed first. The human rights boondoggle is still in the way.

  2. What is the point of this country having vacines to bring this country back to normal after we have all suffered and lost family members for these illegal immigrants to bring civil 19 into this country for it all to start again I am totally with any politician who is with sending them back and those politicians that are there to protect this country should be held accountable we as a nation are going backwards instead of forwards all our lives are put at risk

  3. I’ve said this straight from the start all this virus is because of immigrants coming into England we are being took over. Patel should be sacked she’s bloody useless except stuffing her face. Why don’t Boris start controlling this that’s why I voted for Boris but never again it’s the Brexit party for me 😡😡

  4. Stop the illegal immigrants entering the UK. Boris Johnson and his Government should listen to the British People who gave them a landslide victory to Govern, defend our country and protect the British Citizens.

  5. What the Hell is going on, Boris promised we would be able to close our borders after Brexit, if I’d had known Boris was going to Shit on the Taxpayers of this Country, It was all us voters that got Boris his Majority, Why is he allowing all these illegals to come over the Channel, all 12 of the immigrants tested positive for the Corona Virus, Boris YOU put all us in Lockdown then You Let these infectious illegals come into my Country, Do something about it Boris Today and Get all of them OUT.

  6. The minister for leaky boarders should be sacked. What the hell is she getting paid for. She is just like the mayor London, rubbish.

  7. The MoD needs an urgent word with Pritti. She is allowing an army to build up in the UK (assisted by the French) that will result in street to street fighting. The army could now be outnumbered, and flushing the invaders out will not be simple.

  8. Why do they say anybody entering who have passed through a safe country will be returned EVERY ONE of these in the boats have passed through France which is a safe country. So everyone of them should be returned.

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