EU Fear Lord Frosts “Confrontational” style after being given the chief role of overseeing UK’s relations with the EU.

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EU Fear Lord Frosts “Confrontational” style after being given the Chief role of overseeing relations with the EU.

It’s come to light that the EU are not very happy with Boris Johnson appointing Lord Frost as a cabinet minister to oversee future relations with the EU.

As we all know, the EU are well known for wanting to get their way, but Some in Brussels have said they are very uncomfortable (fear) with Lord Frost being in such a prominent position as he is well known for being confrontational.

One EU diplomat told The Daily Telegraph: “The EU and UK relationship is in dire need of more consensus. Unfortunately, Lord Frost is, so far, better known for confrontation.

“Putting the relationship on ice is not an option. Britain and the continent are too close, too interlinked and there’s too much going on affecting both sides of the English Channel.”

The UK hit back with a short but precise comment: “Based on evidence so far this year, the EU’s efforts can hardly be described as having promoted harmony.”

If the EU dislikes Lord Frost, then I think we need to get behind Mr Frost and keep him in the position to oversee future relations with the EU.  We need to keep Brussels on their toes.

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9 thoughts on “EU Fear Lord Frosts “Confrontational” style after being given the chief role of overseeing UK’s relations with the EU.

  1. They still seem to have walked over us in a lot of respects and it time to match like for like
    If they want to stop us exporting as we did pro Brexit then we should do the same to them
    Why when France blocked the trucks going to the EU did we allows still trucks in without testing
    We need to show them that whatever barriers they put up then we will retaliate harder
    All this extra paperwork etc should not apply everything regsrding trade should be the same as before Brexit

    Our representatives should show no mercy if provoked

  2. The government should by now have a plan in place, which is to home grow and home make everything that comes from the EU here in the UK.

  3. Brilliant choice Boris, the EU fear him and will no longer be able to bully Gret Britain, he will also be able to put Macron back in his box. All of you unelected bullies “be afraid be very afraid”

  4. I think its a good idea to keep him in the position because anything that scares the eu must be a good thing the power is in the hands of the british

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