Supreme Court rules Shamima Begum should not be allowed to return to the UK to appeal against citizenship removal.

Shimima Begum
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Today Lord Reed gave his full ruling regarding Shamima Begums’s case.

Lord Reed said Begum’s legal challenge to reinstate her citizenship should be delayed until she is no longer considered a potential threat to Britain. He said: “The right to a fair hearing does not trump all other considerations, such as the safety of the public.

“If a vital public interest makes it impossible for a case to be fairly heard then the courts cannot ordinarily hear it.

“The appropriate response to the problem in the present case is for the deprivation hearing to be stayed – or postponed – until Ms Begum is in a position to play an effective part in it without the safety of the public being compromised.

“That is not a perfect solution, as it is not known how long it may be before that is possible.

“But there is no perfect solution to a dilemma of the present kind.”

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She was stripped of her British citizenship. Surely that is final. She has no right and no business coming to the UK. She forfeited that when she went off to be a terrorist.
And the UK public should not be paying for her incarceration her.