Khan slams Londoners with a 10% council tax increase yet has £100 Million available for a statue toppling committee.

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Khan has a hundred plus million to spend on a bias “statue-toppling commission”, yet council tax goes up by 10% for Londoners. How is that right?

Conservative leader of the GLA slammed Sadiq Khan and his ridiculous 10% council tax hike. Khan has a hundred million-plus to spend on a statue removal committee yet claims they have no money.

Conservative leader of the GLA, Susan Hall AM, said: “Londoners can’t afford Sadiq Khan’s council tax hike – that’s why we’ve put forward an alternative budget for London.

“Our plan would fund London’s concessionary fares, invest in policing and create a new £50million recovery fund, without asking Londoners to pay a single penny more in council tax.

“The Mayor could save nearly £100million by scrapping his statue-toppling commission, cutting his PR budgets and reforming Transport for London.

“He doesn’t need to increase council tax.

“Shamefully, Sadiq Khan’s budget is squirrelling away the capital’s business rates instead of investing in our city’s recovery.

“He should use that money to create a new London Recovery Fund to help businesses bounce back and protect Londoners’ livelihoods.

“As Mayor, it’s Khan’s job to help struggling  Londoners and our city’s firms.

“But, instead of offering them a helping hand, his budget will slap them with a huge tax bill and hoard struggling businesses’ cash.”

How can Sadiq honestly not see this tax hike as a kick in the teeth for Londoners and struggling businesses is beyond me.

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