GAGGED WITH FEAR OF PROSECUTION – Alex Salmond exposes the cover-up of the evidence at play.

Alex Salmond
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As Alex Salmond takes the hot seat in the Parliamentary Harassment Committee, Alex describes that there has been “a calculated and deliberate suppression of key evidence”.

This damning statement at the start of the hearing describes that his hands have been tied and his words censored.

As he raises his hand to say, “that I will, tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth”, Alex was honest enough to say that the truth given today will be through a censorship filter due to the redaction of his evidence from the Crown Office.

Alex went on to say that he fears imprisonment if he was to speak about the key evidence that was redacted before the hearing.

Is this right? Covering up the evidence so it can’t be spoken about at a hearing where all evidence should be heard?

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Frederick Haines

How can a person be expected to swear an oath, to tell the truth, the full truth when they are are being censored by telling the full truth by The Crown Office. This can’t be acceptable in a democratic country ie The United Kingdom. This is nothing short of dictatorship.

Peter Butcher

Its been a farce right from the start.


No different to how the SNP negatively portrays the UK government to the Scottish people.


To my mind he has been well and truly stitched up.. I al ays say, tell the truth and shame the devil..

Ian Summerell

Does Scotland not come until the Bill of Rights 1689 for freedom of speech and debate. It can only be question in the UK house of Lords courts. If I read the Bill correctly. “Article 9. That the Freedome of Speech and Debates or Proceedings in Parlyament ought not to be impeached or questioned in any Court or Place out of Parlyament.” The or between debates and proceedings splits this into two parts.

George Willson

If the Scottish Government and Sturgeon have nothing to hide, then clear themselves by publishing the redacted material. If they continue to hide behind it then they will be held guilty!


It just makes you have no faith at all in the justice system and especially the SNP

Keith Williams

Sturgeon should be put on trial