Sturgeon orders the Union Jack flag to be removed from all public buildings in Scotland and replaced with the EU flag.

Nicola Sturgeon
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Brexiteer George Galloway slammed Nicola Sturgeon for saying she’d only fly the Union Jack flag once a year at remembrance, then fly the EU flag in its place for the rest of the year.

Mr Galloway said: “As Nicola Sturgeon has announced this week, the flag of the United Kingdom will be flown on public buildings in Scotland but once a year on Remembrance Sunday.

“Every other day of the year, it will be replaced by the European Union flag.

“I am not making any of this up, a European Union that Scotland was never a member of and will never be a member of, which the British people including 1 million Scots have already left.

“Now some people talk about cultural wars and flags, it has come to Scotland as I always predicted it would.

“This is the Ulsterisation of Scottish politics, and against it I will stand with the last of my breathe.

“Scotland is not Ireland, Scotland exercised its right of self-determination, only a lifetime of a domestic rabbit ago.”

The sheer hatred towards the United Kingdom by Nicola Sturgeon is evident to see. It’s also clear by this move that she’s happy to stoke hatred towards fellow Brits by removing the Union Jack.

What’re your thoughts on this? Does this stoke hatred of Britain in Scotland? Is it right to replace the Union Jack with the EU flag, which she has no attachment to on public building in Scotland?

Have your say in the comments below.

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Matt jackson

Doesn’t mind getting money from the uk government though so she can pretend like she saving Scotland through all her policies and ideas but will forget all this just like her meetings to stitch Alex salmond up


That woman is something else if she didn’t have the support of england to bolster Scotlands finances Scotland would go under let her have her independence and by God Scotland would collapse Europe doesnt want her what has she got to offer them….and removing the union jack well I’m speechless.


Beware, you Scotsh people, you’ve already had a taste of Sturgeon via the fuel supplies strike, and now the Salmond carry on Give the chance an she will destroy your country the her and her husband will retire on inflation proof pensions


What right does she have to fly a flag that no longer represents anyone in Scotland?
Even the EU should kick off to say she can’t do that (unless it’s for a conference or something in which EU representatives are present.)


It’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard! What’s wrong with the woman? 🤪😜🤓