Rejoiners rejoice over bookies giving 5/1 odds on the UK rejoining the EU by 2026.

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A vocal Rejoiner, Jason Hunter decided to boast to fellow Rejoiners on Twitter writing odds had been cut by the bookies for the UK to rejoin the EU by 2026.

Mr Hunter wrote: “Interesting. The betting odds of the UK applying to rejoin the EU by 2026 have fallen as low as 5 to 1…

“Seems like Brexit isn’t actually going as well as the Brexiteers expected!”

Fellow Rejoiners jumped for joy at Jason’s Tweet with some feeling hopeful. One response said: “Should we create a political party and be the anti-Farage pressure on the Government?”

What the Rejoiners need to realise, there isn’t an appetite to go down the path to rejoin the EU. The strength of feeling may be strong amongst Champaign socialists in London to go back into the EU but the rest of the UK couldn’t think of anything worse to do.

What’re your thoughts on this? Do you agree to say there is not an appetite to rejoin the EU? Have your say in the comments below. 

Have your say in the comments.

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