It’s a “dangerous conspiracy theory” to think I had anything to do with the redaction of evidence from Alex Salmond.

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Nicola Sturgeon said it was a conspiracy theory to think she had anything to do with the redaction of evidence given by Alex Salmond.

In a Questions and answers with the media, Nicola Sturgeon was asked by an ITV reporter: “Everday you are coming here and ask the Scottish people to have faith in your message and to trust you.

“We now hear some very serious allegations from a former First Minister; this is not somebody from the sidelines, a former First Minister who knows the democratic institutions of Scotland.

“And he is alleging corruption that is undermining the trust we can have in you and in these institutions.”

Nicola Sturgeon replied with a lengthy response. In that response she claimed: “Any suggestions, any suggestion at all that these decisions are in any way politically influenced are downright wrong.”

She said: “I would go further than that they actually start to buy into what is a false and quite dangerous conspiracy theory that has no basis in fact,

“You refer to allegations made by Alex Salmond, I don’t think there is a shred of evidence behind those allegations and the claims that have been made.

Though Sturgeon made these claims to rubbish any evidence given by the former first minister, Guido Fawkes reported last night that the redacted parts of Alex Salmond’s evidence would have embarrassed Nicola Sturgeon, something she wouldn’t have liked before an incoming election in May.

What’re your thoughts on this? Is there no evidence, or was the evidence covered up in the redacted parts so that no one could ask questions about specific parts of the evidence given by Alex Salmond?

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