Grace period for N.I. denied, Grace period for the EU to ratify future relationship agreement accepted?

Grace period
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You couldn’t make this up. The EU denies a grace period extension to when single market rules kick-in in Northern Ireland. Yet, the UK has just been granted a grace period for the EU on ratifying the future relationship agreement that was agreed last December.

The uncomfortable irony is that the EU is demanding the UK to adhere to EU law in Northern Ireland, yet they themselves EU haven’t even signed off on the agreement.

Today Michael Gove gave the EU till the end of April to ratify the agreement. The EU said they need more time due to the translation of the text.

The Government spokesperson said: “Today, we have agreed to extend the deadline for the EU to ratify the deal until 30 April.

“It is disappointing the EU has not completed its internal processes in the agreed timeframe, given the uncertainty it creates for businesses and individuals on both sides.

“We expect the EU to meet the new timeline.”

If the EU is not yet fully signed up to the agreement, then why should the UK accept the rules in the deal which the EU hasn’t passed?

The EU is quick to say the UK must adhere to EU law when it suits their agenda, yet they are slow to sign up to rules laid out in the agreement.

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