PUNISHED FOR PROTECTING CITIZENS – EU Commission sends threatening legal letters to nations around the EU for closing borders to stop the spread of Covid.

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Disenfranchisement grows after EU commission send letters to multiple countries in the EU threatening legal action after they decided to close their borders to stop the spread of Covid 19 on the continent.

Letters were sent to Germany, Finland, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark and Hungary, warning them of their action regarding the closure of their borders.

The warning from the commission to Germany said: “We believe Germany’s understandable goal – the protection of public health in a pandemic – could be achieved through less restrictive measures.”

A Commission spokesman said: “In the letters, we underline the need for free movement restrictions to be non-discriminatory and proportionate.

“We urge member states to align their provisions more closely with the Council recommendations that we have jointly agreed and review rules on free movement.”

Continuing: “The member states have 10 days to reply to the Commission, and the Commission is closely monitoring the steps taken by member states on a continuous basis.”

This rhetoric from the commission came after the commission decided to shut all borders with Italy and fend for themselves as the pandemic’s start. I suppose it’s a case of “do as I say, not as I do.”