Liverpool Labour Councillor moves to Spain claiming £10k pay packet for taking zoom meetings and phone calls.

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You couldn’t make this up. Labour councillor Malcolm Kennedy from Liverpool went to Spain last March, returned last October, to then fly back out to Spain for Christmas, where he’s been ever since.

Even though he’s been away for nearly a year, he still took the full taxpayer pay packet, citing he’s always available to work via zoom and taking phone calls from Spain.

Members of the public were shocked to find their representative has been in Spain all this time.

Malcolm stated on Twitter, “No secret has been made of the situation. During this difficult time, I have written in Labour Uncut, been interviewed on Radio City and posted on Instagram & Facebook.”

On a website called Scottie press, it was reported that the councillor is retiring in 2022. “Despite this, Cllr Kennedy says he will continue to claim a full councillor allowance of over £10k” till he retires.

Scottie Press reported a local resident as saying: “He’s deserted the city when it’s on its knees,” said O’Keefe.

“It’s one of the worst constituencies in Liverpool, and he turns his back and walks away. We have rats running about everywhere, and he’s living in luxury in Spain.

“The elderly people, or the people that can’t go out, he’s not there to support them, so every person that dies in Kirkdale of Covid-19, or just dies of loneliness, the blood is on his hands.”

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Should be dismissed


I pointed this out to him last year. His response was to unfriendly me on FB.