BORIS HITS BACK – UK minister snubbed by EU Commission after meeting to speak about the UK shellfish export ban was rubbished.

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Today, the UK Government plans to hit back at Brussels after the EU snubbed a meeting between Environment Secretary George Eustice and European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Stella Kyriakides.

The EU promised the UK a meeting to see if they could resolve the ban on UK shellfish exports into the EU.

Due to this meeting being rubbished by the EU Commission, Boris was angry. In retaliation, the UK is now arranging to place a ban on particular EU goods from entering the UK, such as mineral water and potato seed, to name a few.

One government source said: “There is thought being given to where we can leverage in other areas.

“We have continuity arrangements.

“We can stop these, which means they won’t be able to sell their produce here.”

This move by Boris will is welcome to see. It’s about time the UK flexed it’s muscle telling the EU they can not be taking advantage of the UK. The fighting fire with fire comes to mind.

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Stop the car imports


Stop all EU boats fishing in our waters. If our shellfish are not good enough, stop them from fishing for the same things.