UK angered after being told to pipe down and stop the “BLAME GAME” surrounding the triggering of Article 16 on the Irish border.

Blame Games
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EU’s Commission Vice President, has stated Britain should stop the “blame game” surrounding the triggering of article 16 on the Irish border and move on.

The EU tried to say the decision to trigger article 16 was just a”  ‘draft proposal” and”  ‘that no decision was taken.” If this was true then why the mass backlash from the UK, Northern Ireland and Ireland?

Marcos Sefcovic said: “I think I have to repeat it again, that no decision was taken.

“No Article 16 was activated, that it was a draft proposal, which was then quickly corrected and I think that it would be better not to engage anymore in the blame game.

“Where I think, (we should) acknowledge the mistake was made, we apologised for that.

“And I think that now it’s very important to really look into the future, how can we constructively work together to make sure that we will guarantee the people of Ireland and Northern Ireland, all the benefits of the Protocol.

“And all the possibilities which the protocol is presenting for new business opportunities for new jobs and I believe also economic growth.”

DUP leader Arlene Foster was not happy with the EU Commission Vice President. After a frank meeting, Arlene told the world the Vice President had his “head in the sand”, trying to place blame elsewhere for the damage caused by their actions.

Obviously, the EU want to brush this under the rug, saying it was a mistake or just a little mishap. What’s is for sure, for article 16 to have been in place ready to trigger as they admit, it must have gone down the chain of command and accepted by all.

This really has shone the light on an ever-widening distrust between the United Kingdom and the EU.

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