Ireland Beg the EU for “Pragmatism and flexibility” after Brussels push for stricter checks at the Irish border.

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Ireland is now feeling the pressure after Brussels pushes for stricter checks at the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Due to the EU’s mass red tape, Ireland finds it challenging to freely allow trade to pass between the two sides, leaving many businesses angry and citizens without food or supplies.

In response to this Irish Foreign minister, Mr Coveney has said more flexibility is needed at the border, saying it isn’t a sign of weakness to do so.

Mr Coveney told the FT: “Pragmatism and flexibility within the confines of the Protocol actually strengthens the Protocol. It doesn’t weaken it.

“We shouldn’t see flexibility as a weakness or a concession.

“In fact, this is ensuring that we create an acceptance for and a full implementation of the protocol.”

When the EU tried to trigger article 16 only a couple of months after signing the future relationship deal, Northern Ireland is very angry with the Commission Chief’s loose use of the article.

Mr Coveney said: “Our focus has to be to try to listen to businesses and in particular to unionism in Northern Ireland and try to respond to the concerns that have been outline in as comprehensive a way as we can but – and I think it’s important to stress this – within the confines of the protocol.”

While Ireland continues to be the yes men of the EU, the EU has quite clearly been taking advantage of them. Irish politicians choose to walk on eggshells at the detriment of their own economy hoping Brussels will help them, maybe cut them some slack to use the Protocol in a different way.

Mr Coveney added: “We know that there are issues in relation to implementation that need to be resolved and we know that there are a series of asks here in terms of Pragmatism and flexibility.

“We need to approach both with a view to trying to get a partnership to move this protocol forward – that can move away from the kind of polarised politics that we’ve seen over the last two weeks, particularly in Northern Ireland linked to the protocol, which very much had moved into the realm of identity politics, which is a dangerous space to move into.”

Ireland need to realise that no amount of begging will ever tame the power mad political EU entity. 

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