Starmer “has run out of ideas” Brexiteer exposes Labour Leader as weak.

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Brexiteer Darren Grimes has come out on social media ripping apart the Labour leader. Darren said Keir Starmer “hasn’t got a clue” after putting “identity Politics ahead of ability and hard graft.”

If you look at the way Labour has been backing the government and then criticising the government Starmer has become a hypocrite and a king of hindsight.

We are in a crisis which normally means a major headache for the government in power yet Keir is still miles behind in the polls.

Darren wrote on Twitter: “A talent-free Labour party that has placed identity politics ahead of ability and hard graft has reportedly had to look to the fossils of its past, Mandelson, and Blair, in an attempt to learn how to revive it.

“The party of Hard-Left metropolitan graduates hasn’t a clue, has it?”

You really have to consider what has Keir done as Labour leader? What alternative soolutions has he offered?

What do you think? Has Labour ran out of ideas?

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