Sadiq Khan’s atrocious achievements, leaves David Lammy’s leftie loving tweet in tatters.

Sadiq Khan
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Labour MP David Lammy decided to serenade Labour London Mayor Sadiq Khan with some lefty loving on Twitter.

Mr Lammy’s Tweet read: “@SadiqKhan is a full-time Mayor with no outside earnings. He’s taken a 10% pay cut to protect frontline public services.”

“The Tory candidate should follow suit and publish his tax returns to prove he has nothing to hide.”

This tweet erupted a backlash of comments with one comment in particular completely dismantled Lammy’s tweet.

The comment read: If he (Sadiq Khan) was the MD of a private company he would have been sacked long ago. Some achievements:

– Bankrupted TFL

– Knife crime up

– Murders up

– High degree of homelessness

– Fallen way short of building targets

– High on virtue signalling/Low on success

– Driving businesses out

With one responding: “Not to mention fecking up the roads with cycle lanes!”

I think this Twitter backlash would suggest in future the lefty loving should take place behind closed doors.

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June Sherburn

Why hasn’t Sadiq Khan been sacked before now, he’s been a failure as a Mayor in London, He cares more about encouraging these Woke problems we have, Now he’s shown whose side he’s on, This commission he’s started are BLM members who would be happy pulling all our Statues down because they blame us for something that happened over 200 years ago, it’s over, Finished, Move on, even white people were slaves for hundreds of years, we moved on, you have to if you want a life for your families, BLM cannot be allowed to Destroy Our Heritage, Boris Johnson do something about this problem now before they cause too much damage, And Sack Sadiq Khan.

Geoff Garton

He should be locked up, sacked from his job.