Matt Hancock “No plans” for domestic vaccine passports.

Matt Hancock
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After Tony Blair pushing the government for mandatory Vaccine Passports domestically and internationally, Matt Hancock has said people in the United Kingdom do not need “domestic passports” to go to the pub, restaurants or shops.

If you enjoy going abroad, Matt Hancock said Brits might need vaccine passports if they want to travel internationally due to jurisdictions in other countries.

When asked if the government will introduce domestic vaccine passports. Matt Hancock said: “We do not have plans to do that,”

When asked about vaccine passports internationally, Matt Hancock said: “As I say there is this international work going on because if other countries require that we want to allow Brits to be able to travel to those countries.

“In the same that for parts of Sub-Sarahan Africa you need to have a yellow fever certificate.”

“I know I’ve got a crumbled old yellow fever certificate from when I last travelled to Sub-Saharan Africa.

“So these things have happened and still happen in parts of the world, and obviously we would like to be able to facilitate that sort of vaccine certification.

“But it is not anything we are planning to introduce here.”

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