“BIG BANG” pushed by proud Northern Tory Jake Berry unlocking Billions in Investment for the North of England.

Jake Berry
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With Rishi Sunak pushing a “Big Bang” investment idea in the City of London, the idea is now being pushed in the North of England by Tory Champion of the North Jake Berry.

The idea is to create investment incentives in the North of England, thus creating a significant investment and jobs boom. This idea is being pushed by a group of Proud Northern Tories named “Northern Research Group”.

The group have openly said the south-east had been seen as the place for businesses to invest, its about time that changed with that investment coming up north.

Jake Berry, MP for Rossendale and Darwen said: “At the last election, millions of Northern voters broke with tradition by voting for the Conservative Party, in many cases for the first time.

“The Prime Minister needs to recognise that they did so not only to deliver Brexit but to voice the systemic disadvantages felt in many communities that were tired of being neglected in favour of London and the South East.

“The measures we have put forward will help the Prime Minister and this Government to ‘level up’ the economy and help make the North build back better as one of the most investable places in modern times.”

Tory MP Jake Berry has always worked his socks off for the North under his previous position as Northern Power House minister Hopefully his push and eagerness to lift the prospect of the North gets taken on by the PM. Jake once said: ‘I have one political job left in me . . . and it’s to help the north rise again’

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