Starmer under pressure by his party colleagues and members to make the case to rejoin the EU.

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Moaning Rejoiners in the Labour Party are becoming angrier at Keir Starmer’s stance on Brexit. The Remoaners want Starmer to stand up and expose Boris as “incompetence and malevolence” over his handling of Brexit.

Mr Corbett, who was Labours top person in the EU, told the Observer: “The idea that the Brexit issue is done and dusted is for the birds.

“First, because Johnson’s deal is full of gaps that still need to be negotiated including on services and on fisheries.

“Second, because where it has settled issues, it has done so badly, as shown by the crescendo of complaints from companies and others, including musicians and students.

“And third because the government seems intent on seeking conflict with the EU, from threatening to tear up the agreement on Northern Ireland to departing from the level playing field commitments.

“Just as with Covid, Labour must highlight Johnson’s incompetence and malevolence, and point to how the damage can be rectified.”

This sudden push from the Pro EU lobby in Labour isn’t because Labour cares about the UK as an independent country, it’s because a new movement started up last week intending to get Britain back into the EU.

This new group of rejoiners need a vehicle to voice their policies; hence pressing Starmer to go after Boris on Brexit.

This new group called “European Movement” is lead by Rejoiner Extraordinaire Lord Adonis. Lord Adonis has never accepted the will of the people and looks like he never will when it comes to the EU.

Lord Adonis said: “About to start a European Movement meeting on Britain after Brexit & COVID-19.

“Enormous challenges, but we will get through them and ultimately get Britain back into the European Union where we belong!”

Even though the UK has left the EU, rejoiners in Labour want problems to arise around Brexit so they can go after Brexiteers and Boris.

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