Sadiq Khan sets up WOKE history hating commission to review British historical artefacts in London at the cost of £247,000 to the taxpayer.

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A couple of days ago Sadiq Khan thought it would be a great idea to set up a woke history hating commission costing the taxpayer £247,000.

This new commission aims to look at London’s Historical monuments, statues and street names in London. Even though there is a massive rise in Knife crime in the capital that should be getting all the resources and attention, Do nothing Khan is now focusing on reviewing London’s monuments, statues and street names.

If any historical entity in London is found to have historical links to slavery, this new commission may advise it’s removal.

Guido Fawkes Published an article showing the background of the members of the said commission. Guido said:

“Toyin Agbetu, who heckled the Queen and Archbishop and yelled that she should be ashamed.”

“Aindrea Emelife, who has expressed her delight at “guerrilla style” statue removal. Over the summer Emelife said of activism in Bristol: “she described ‘seeing the crane lift this up onto the plinth from our lookout point. The rush of adrenaline as this project is realised guerrilla style.’

“Riz Ahmed, who called Mr Johnson “an out-and-out complete c*nt” who is “overtly racist”. He also said he hates the word ‘diversity’ because it does not equate with true representation.”


Lynette Nabbosa, who has claimed that white supremacy is uniquely British. She wrote: “if you look back far enough (and not always that far), the UK seems to be the common denominator in atrocities across the world. No matter where you find examples of white supremacy, all roads lead back to my country of birth. It was racism that birthed slavery and colonialism. We say it is in the past but our schools, colleges, universities, streets, museums etc have never stopped honouring the enforcers of our oppression.”

Are the members of this commission really in a position to give a level view on their finding when every one of them has a problem and hatred of Government and History of Britain?

2 thoughts on “Sadiq Khan sets up WOKE history hating commission to review British historical artefacts in London at the cost of £247,000 to the taxpayer.

  1. Yes I have something to say about Sadiq Khan and this so called commission he’s paid for with British Taxpayers Money, The People behind the Commission are Racist against the indigenous white People who built this Country right up to today, The minority people who have been welcomed to live here do not appreciate our way of life, or our Culture, they should NOT be allowed to pull down our statues, and they Certainly should NOT be allowed to Berate our QUEEN who has worked for her Country for over 70 years, Why are the minority people who hate our Country Living here, they obviously enjoy our Benefits and other aspects of our Country, They talk about the slavery that was Abolished over 200 years, and Now We are The Most TOLERANT Country on this Planet, so all I can say is this, If you really hate us and this Country That Much then you’re welcome to go and live ELSEWHERE.

  2. It’s frightening at what Sadiq Khan is allowed to get away with and his obvious anti-British commission of biased people to denigrate former figures of history by demeaning their status. The fact is, Khan is an unelected Mayor. His tenor ended last year and voting couldn’t take place due to the pandemic. So, although he hasn’t been voted in, he’s been allowed to continue his control of London such as spending more than a quarter of a million pounds to these people, who do not have the correct qualifications for such a task. I am obliged by law to pay hundreds of pounds a yar to the Mayor’s office and object to his use on my money for such political woke issues.

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