Former Brexit Minister lets the EU have it. The EU are “pompous, bombastic, sarcastic, patronising and threatening.”

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Former Brexit Minister and Brexiteer David Jones have ripped into the EU after the arrogant attitude shown towards Northern Ireland by the EU commission Vice President Maroš Šefovi.

David Jones quite rightly didn’t hold back and stuck it to them. David said: “It is pompous, bombastic, sarcastic, patronising and threatening. [It] shows an intent on the part of the EU to put further obstacles in the way of trade between Northern Ireland and mainland GB.

“By triggering the article 16 procedure at the end of January, the EU have shown their true colours. Despite Mr Šefčovič’s protestations to the contrary, they have shown that they were willing to weaponise the Northern Ireland protocol aggressively at the drop of a hat.

“They had no concern whatever for the Belfast Good Friday Agreement when they did so. Their intransigence is threatening the supply of essential commodities to Northern Ireland.

“The United Kingdom cannot allow this to continue. The prime minister has already indicated that we are willing to trigger article 16 ourselves, and unless the EU adopt a more sensible, constructive attitude very soon, that is precisely what we should do.”

As you can see, if you thought this tension between those who seek power, and those who seek freedom is over think again.

Brexiteer Andrew Bridgen even joined in with his remarks saying the EU’s concerns towards Northern Ireland were a complete “fraud” in negotiations.

Mr Bridgen said: “The Šefčovič letter shows that the EU’s professed concern for Northern Ireland during the negotiations of the future relationship was a complete fraud.

“For the EU, Ireland has served its purpose during the negotiations and the protocol will be used as a stick to beat the UK forever and [any] collateral damage to the Irish Republic and inter-community relations is considered a price worth paying for the EU.”

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