Former Brexit Party MEP slams UK Government “We have given the EU full access to our waters, our Government failed to get a deal for fish exports.”

June Mummery
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With the Government starting to give EU fishermen licenses to fish within 12 miles from Britain’s coastline, it’s been revealed that the EU is planning to extend a ban on shellfish from the UK to the continent.

This is a kick in the teeth for UK fishers. Former Brexit Party MEP June Mummery slammed Frost and Gove after finding out licenses were being given out to EU fishers.

June wrote on Twitter: “Why has the UK Government granted licences to these vessels while they are unable as an independent coastal state to monitor what EU vessels are catching. Shocking!

“And the UK is reliant on the EU Commission telling the UK accurate data.

“We have given the EU full access to our waters, our Government failed to get a deal for fish exports.

“@DavidGHFrost @michaelgove were you sleepwalking, what have you done?”

With this tweet presenting June’s amazement at what Gove and Frost have done, a government spokesperson said: “Now that we have left the Common Fisheries Policy, all vessels, regardless of nationality, may only fish in UK waters if they have a valid licence and abide by UK rules.

“During the adjustment period, there is reciprocal access to certain parts of the UK’s and EU’s 6-12 mile fishing zones for UK and EU vessels that can prove previous access.”

Whichever way you look at this, it doesn’t sit right that EU fishers have been granted access to the very fish they are banning the UK from sending to the continent.

Why isn’t Boris demanding that fish caught in UK waters must be landed in Britain? Wouldn’t this prevent the EU from sticking a ban on fish from the UK?

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