UK government dish out fishing licenses to the EU while the EU continue to ban British caught Shellfish from the continent.

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Even though the EU have banned UK shellfish exports, the UK have started to dish out licenses for EU vessels to fish in the UK waters.

It was only a few days ago Gove said: “It is important that we reserve our own rights when it comes to making sure that EU lives up to its side of the bargain.”

Yet it’s been reported that UK Single Issuing Authority (UKSIA) have started to issue fishing licences to EU fishing vessels meaning the tough talk from the government is running very thin.

Former Brexit Party MEP Martin Daubney had something to say: “Boris Johnson completely used British fisherman and coastal communities in Brexit, they were played like pawns and thrown under the bus.”

It’s got to be said, this situation for the UK Fishers must be extremely frustrating. How can it be right for UK fishermen to be banned from sending Shellfish from the UK to the EU, yet if an EU fisher enter British waters and catches the same shellfish they are allowed to take that catch to the EU for processing?

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