Scottish Tories slam Sturgeon saying there’s “a cover-up at the heart of government”.

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It wasn’t a great day for sturgeon yesterday after she was asked three times to say if she would resign if found to have mislead the Scottish Parliament. Each time she was asked, she 100% refused to give a straight answer.

The ding dong in the Scottish Parliament was lead by the Scottish Tories. Sturgeon had to slap down claims of “a cover-up at the heart of government”. A dossier which had claimed accusations against Nicola Sturgeon was labelled a conspiracy theory after Alex Salmond pulled out of giving sworn testimony.

Sturgeon said: “I call on anybody who has anything that would help with the process of the committee to sit before the committee and do what I am going to do, which is to put an account on the record, under oath. I am not the one who is refusing to do that.”

Adding: “In my view, a process that indulges conspiracy theories without insisting that people come before the committee to substantiate those theories also lets down the women.”

A spokesperson later said: “If the committee is as serious about getting to the facts and the truth as they claim to be, why on Earth wouldn’t they use the powers at their disposal to compel witnesses to attend?”

“They’ve previously talked about using those powers in respect of other witnesses so it would seem to make sense that they would want to do it in this case.”

“It’s time to take this stuff out of the murky world of the blogosphere and subject these conspiracy theories to proper scrutiny, under oath, in parliament and that’s what the First Minister will be doing in parliament next week.”

Then a source close to Mr Salmond said: “Special advisers are not meant to instruct or advise or tell Parliamentary committees what they should do,”

Alex Salmond claims that when Sturgeon and Salmond Met, sturgeon broke ministerial code by not recording the meeting with him in her official diaries while also ignoring legal advice.

The ding dong continues…

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