Arlene Foster left speechless after meeting with EU Commission Vice President. “It really was an occasion of putting his head in the sand and his fingers in his ears.”

Arlene Foster
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The EU never learn. Arlene Foster was left speechless after meeting Micheal Gove and EU Commission Vice President, Maros Sefcovic.

During the meeting, the Vice President said he wanted more checks on food in Northern Ireland. This was said even though Northern Ireland is going through a hard time unable to stock shelves in the supermarkets.

Last night on Peston, the Northern Ireland First Minister, Arlene Foster vented her frustration over what was said in the meeting and the letters exchanged.

Arlene said: “Well, I wasn’t surprised because I sat in on the meeting between Michael Gove and Maros Sefcovic last week and it really was an occasion of putting his head in the sand and his fingers in his ears.

“There was complete ‘as if nothing had happened’ the Friday before in terms of the Article 16 triggering by the European Commission and that we should all just move along and pretend that it hadn’t happened.

“But worse than that, in his response to Michael Gove this evening he’s actually asking for more protocols.

“So the answer for the difficulties with the Protocol and the fact that we have this real problem for trade between Great Britain and Northern Ireland… is more protocol and we need to be tighter on the Protocol, and I think that’s an incredible state of affairs.”

Peston dug further asking: “Just give us a sense of how separated you feel from Great Britain at the moment.

“Are supermarkets, businesses, ordinary people still struggling to get what they want from Great Britain as a result of this Northern Ireland Protocol?”

“It’s not just about businesses… it’s also about citizens who are actually trying to get parcels delivered from Great Britain and of course, then it’s also about the fact that we were promised unfettered access from Great Britain into Northern Ireland.

“And a lot of people remember the Prime Minister’s words on that and feel that hasn’t happened and the opposite has happened.

“There are now barriers between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and that is not acceptable.”

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