EVADING SCRUTINY – Jaak Madison MEP hits out at the EU Commission Chief – “Unfortunately, Madame von der Leyen has already left the chamber,”

Jaak Madison
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With the vaccine role in the EU said to be the most important item on their agenda, Ursula Von Der Leyen decided to leave the European Parliament. At the same time, members of Parliament had their say.

This didn’t go down very well at all. Eurosceptic MEP Jaak Madison arrived at his podium in disbelief that the Chief Commissioner found it acceptable to leave the chamber. At the same time, MEP’s had their say on the Chiefs handling of the Covid 19 vaccine rollout.

Jaak Madison said: “Unfortunately, Madame von der Leyen has already left the chamber,”

“The EU has often wanted to see itself as a powerful federation compare to other world powers,”

“However, given this competence and confusion, it is an over-regulation organism imbued with bureaucracy. It is absolutely unable to deal with crisis.

“I’ve often heard how countries are unable to deal with crisis on their own, and that’s why we must all rely on the EU.

“The fact that the European Commission has been given a mandate to pursue vaccines will cause even greater economic damage to member states.”

The sheer fact the Commission President decided to leave the chamber while people expressed their concerns shows how of little importance the EU Parliament really is in the decision making.

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