EU plead with Britain for more time to ratify the Future Relationship Trade Agreement.

Lord David Frost
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The tables have turned, and it’s now the EU, who are now asking the UK for more time to ratify the Future Relationship Trade Agreement in Brussels even though the EU has had two-month ratification period as stated in the agreement.

Former Brexit negotiator David Frost has said that a “‘different spirit” is needed from the EU for things to change. So far, the EU has been struggling to recognise the UK as a “genuinely independent actor”.

Frost said: “We have heard informally from the commission today that we are likely to get a formal request to extend the two-month period that is in the treaty for ratification on the EU side,”.

“We wait to see what that request constitutes and how long they wish to extend the process for. Obviously, it is a little disappointing given that we did discuss this only a month ago.”

Talking about the behaviour of the EU, Frost said: “I think it’s been more than bumpy, to be honest in the last six weeks,”

Since December 31st 2020, when we left the EU in its entirety, the EU have been nothing more than a hindrance to the UK. Whether that’s at the borders stopping the flow of traffic, or banning shellfish into the EU, the EU seem to have been causing deliberate chaos something Macron promise in early December last year.

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