Sturgeons Love letter article for acceptance into the EU dramatically fails. “Only fully independent states should be considering EU membership”

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Nicola Sturgeon yet again has been posting publications in the German media doing down the UK and kissing the backside of Merkel and the EU in the hope she can return Scotland under the control of Brussels.

The only problem is Sturgeon can’t force a second referendum, and she isn’t welcome back into the EU unless Scotland is entirely independent of the rest of the UK.

Sturgeon said in her news article: “Scotland, like all nations, is unique.

“The same can be said of our constitutional circumstances.

“More and more people in Scotland believe our aspirations can best be met by continuing to contribute to the shared endeavour that the EU represents.

“We have been inside the European Union family of nations for nearly 50 years.

“We didn’t want to leave, and we hope to join you again soon as an equal partner as we face the opportunities and challenges of the future together.”

Sturgeons news article seems to have failed, soon after the publication was published, a member of Merkel’s administration said: “Developing a relationship with Scotland and Germany is beneficial.

“But it is a bit early to be talking about accession to the EU, only fully independent states should be considering EU membership now.”

Sturgeon fantastical dream of being controlled by an unelected commission looks like it isn’t going to happen. How can you fight for an independent Scotland then give Scotland away to an economically diminishing international body who pretends to be a sovereign entity?

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About time Queen Nicola abdicated so Scotland can improve socially and economically and it’s citizens benefit. At the moment it seems like the politicians are intent on fleecing the tax payers and providing nothing in return.