Italian MEP kicks out at the EU “We will pay both in terms of death and economic recovery, Britain will recover much quicker”

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The EU isn’t happy after an MEP praises Britain over its handling of the vaccine distribution. The EU said that by the end of summer 2021, 70 percent of its citizens would be vaccinated.

Obviously, after the event over the last couple of weeks, that deadline will most likely not be met. With Britain on track to be out of the state of an emergency quicker than the EU, an Italian MEP Antonio Maria Rinaldi said that Britain would be able to rebuild faster than the EU.

In an exclusive interview with the Express. The Italian MEP said: “The UK left the EU, so Brussels is doing whatever it can to discredit whatever Boris Johnson does.
“But look at the vaccine rollout in Britain… Johnson is miles ahead.
“In the EU, we will never vaccinate 600,000 people a day.”

“Because of this complete disaster, the EU will be the last one to leave the state of emergency.
“We will pay both in terms of death and economic recovery.
“Britain will recover much quicker, and it’s all thanks to Brexit and its regained sovereignty.”

Even with this being said, remainers will still praise the EU regardless of the delay in putting the price of vaccine above saving lives. A think tank based in Oxford named Euro Intelligence suggested that it could be the final “nail in the coffin” for the EU due to poor vaccine distribution.