UK Government demands a reset to the Brexit agreement after Brussels triggered article 16 without consent from Northern Ireland.

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    Britain is demanding a reset in relations with the European Union. Britain is now seeking a refinement of the Brexit Deal after Brussels attempted to slam the border shut without consent from Northern Ireland. This was to try and restrict any Covid 19 vaccine supplies crossing the border. 

This new development shows a significant fall in confidence between the two sides. With the attempted use of emergency powers by the EU, the UK are no pushing for a reset on the Brexit agreement.

Michael Gove said: “It was a moment when trust was eroded, when damage was done and where movement is required in order to ensure that we have an appropriate reset,”

Gove said the EU did not think about how their actions would affect Northern Ireland when they attempted to shut the border. I’m afraid that’s not right, and change is needed.

Gove said:  “If people put a particular type of integrationist theology ahead of the interests of the people of Northern Ireland they are not serving the cause of peace and progress in Northern Ireland, and that is my principal and overriding concern,”

“Pandora’s Box has been opened, and that is concerning … who knows what Trojan horses will come out,”

“There are a number of issues … where we believe that we do need refinement of the way in which the protocol operates for it to be effective in the interests of the people of Northern Ireland,”