Top London lawyer encourages Boris to “strip out the unattractive elements of EU law” making Britain more attractive to business.

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A top London Lawyer, Barnabas Reynolds is doing his best to persuade Boris and Parliament to strip out EU rules from the UK legal system, replacing them with common law.

Barnabas Reynolds and former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith and Attorney General Suella Braverman are said to contribute in a webinar organised by Politeia think tank tomorrow.

In a pre-event interview with the Express, Mr Reynolds said: “The UK’s traditional method has been for principles-based regulation, focusing on high standards, predictably applied, but with fewer rules.

“The EU’s approach is based on the continental civil law, code-based systems, where every aspect of financial business is smothered by a blanket of regulations.

“What is more, the ECJ’s purposive method of interpretation makes those regulations unpredictable in their meaning.

“The approach ossifies the law, with the European Commission constantly attempting to update and upgrade the codified scheme to catch up with new business activity.

“It also dampens innovation.”

“Now we have left, we need to strip out the unattractive elements of EU law – and there are many – and revert to the traditional UK approach, which is far more attractive and beneficial to business.”

If taken on board by the government, this advised action would remove the EU system’s grip on the UK legal system. 

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